How can I store my pet's food to keep it fresh and quality?

The best way to store dry food is to keep it in the original packaging, you know?

Dry Food: 

The best way to store dry food is to keep it in original packaging, with the edges folded and inside an enclosed container. Keep the food and the container in a dry, airy place without contact with sunlight.
After opened, try to use it within 45 to 60 days, because after opened, the food may be losing palatability and may oxidize.
Maintaining the original packaging is also important for retrieving food traceability data and process information.

Moist Food:

Once opened the sachet, we recommend that the food is immediately consumed by the animal. The food should not be left at room temperature in the animal's feeder and should be discarded if your pet does not eat.
Do not use sachets with punctured or tampered packaging, as the food may be damaged.